The product we grow continues to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We are constantly working to improve and perfect our growing techniques.

Our team of professionals monitor and manage the process of growth and selection from seedling and rooted cuttings to premium plants.

We strive to produce high standards of quality plants that are healthy, hardy, and visually attractive.

The plants you receive from VB Nursery are produced using the most advanced techniques in fertilization, irrigation, and pest control.

We also set our high standards to all the Hard-to-Find or specialty materials that we bring in for our clients. Every grower that we utilize to fulfill an order, has to produce to our strict requirements to maintain the quality that made VB the grower that it is.


Growing healthy and beautiful greenery requires a focus on the most important component which is our soil. We grow our plants on nutrient-rich soil which enables the roots to become stronger. We nurture and care for each plant making sure to focus on details so the final product will be of
premium quality.

Our ferns and grasses bring a unique look to a landscape. We grow tropical tree ferns, pampas grass, colorful rush, cattails, and fountain grass.

We grow a variety of camellias in a full spectrum of colors from whites to rosy pink and brilliant reds.

With the variety of rainbow color in our perennials and our woody ornamentals there is not end to creating a spectacular landscape.

Our trees can be seen beautifying many homes, parks, greenbelts, and commercial buildings throughout Southern California.


V and B Nursery, Ontario, CA - Wholesale Trees, Plants and Shrubs

V and B Nursery, Ontario, CA - Wholesale Trees, Plants and Shrubs

V and B Nursery, Ontario, CA - Wholesale Trees, Plants and Shrubs













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